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I awoke yesterday feeling very hungover after a night dancing in Megan’s kitchen with her mother and auntie and there was only one thing I would settle for; Wagamama.

We finally made it to Livingston. Driving past the sight where my car passed away only days before was tough I’ll admit, but never the less I got on with my day the way he would’ve wanted me to.


I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Donburi, grilled chicken on a bed of sticky white rice coated in an orange teriyaki sauce with carrots, pea shoots, spring onion and sesame seeds. I’m not a huge fan of carrots and I’m especially not a fan of them shredded like this so I kind of just picked them off like a child. There’s a deceiving amount of food in those bowls and I was unable to finish the entire thing but the dish got better the closer to the bottom of the bowl because thats where all the teriyaki sauce seemed to be.

The dish came with a side of spicy kimchee that was really fragrant and flavourful but a touch too spicy for me to eat all of.

For sides we ordered grilled pork bulgogi wraps which I didn’t take a picture of and we ate wrong. To be fair I hadn’t ordered them and wasn’t sure what they were, but we realised after that it was a sort of a make your own lettuce wrap type dish. We just ate the meat without any of the other stuff included on the dish without thinking about it. The meat was tasty though, kind of crispy but tender in the middle.


We also had chilli squid which was the highlight of the meal for me. I love seafood but it’s so easy to do wrong. The squid wasn’t at all chewy and the coating was delicious. The dip that it came with looks totally different on the website than it did in person, it looks a lot nicer on the website too. The dip we had didn’t add much to the flavour, it was supposed to be chilli garlic and coriander but the dish was fine on its own without it.


All and all, including Adam’s yakisoba came in at just over £30 so it was reasonably priced for a lunch for two people on a Saturday afternoon and as usual, it was very filling and delicious.

Sam xoxo

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