Twenty-four year old trying to enjoy the finer things in life on a minimum wage budget. I like strong coffee, reading (but not believing) my horoscope, eighties teen flicks, the novels of Irvine Welsh, Lush, Cher, Twin Peaks, crying at old episodes of Glee and seeing how much food I can fit on a bagel.

I’d say this blog was a combination of beauty, fashion, food, films and lifestyle, but it’s mostly just a place for me to rave about all the things I like and for my friends to see what’s tickling my fancy at the current moment in time. I’m not using this as a place to disrespect or give anything a bad name. I’m trying to be a positive person, actually.

If anyone wants to get in contact with me I’m pretty much glued to my phone and accessible via any of the below channels.

Twitter – @samanthalalaa

Instagram – @samanthalalaa

Snapchat – samanthalalaa

Email – samantha.fleming1@gmail.com

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